Bathtub Replacement Showers with End Drains

Generally when you remove a standard residential bathtub, you have a 60” framing pocket. Our multi-piece bathtub replacement showers are available with end drains to match existing plumbing, for a simpler remodeling project.

The sizes available with an end drain are:

  • 60” x 31” Best-Seller
  • 60” x 33”
  • 60” x 37”

For smaller spaces or modular homes

  • 54” x 31”
  • 54 x 37”

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Bathtub Replacement Showers with End Drains

60″ Residential Roll In Showers

    • 60” Freedom Accessible showers are designed to fit into residential framing pockets, but are available in various depths for when you need a larger unit.
    • 60” x 49” and 60” x 60” units are spacious units that can be used when someone needs assistance in the shower.
    • Multi-piece units are usually required when remodeling so you can get the pieces into the existing bathroom easily. A few one piece units are available for new construction projects.

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Roll in showers model - APF6048BF5P

48″ and 50″ Accessible Showers

    • A 48” x 37” shower is popular for smaller bathrooms. While not quite large enough to roll a shower chair into, you can roll a wheelchair up to the shower entrance and transfer onto a wall mounted shower seat.
    • The 48” showers are available in multi-piece for renovation, or a 1 piece unit for new construction.
    • The 50” x 50” showers are designed to help meet requirements for VA funded renovations.

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48″ and 50″ Accessible Showers - transfer shower

Accessible Corner Shower

    • Accessible Corner Showers are designed to provide an easy access shower solution for corner spaces.
    • The corner shower unit is available as multi-piece models, and includes an accessible shower base and two walls.
    • Our 61″ x 61″ corner shower offers a generous space for independent or assisted bathing.

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Accessible Showers are designed in compliance with the following codes and standards:

– Certificate of Listing (IAPMO) available for most models

– A.N.S.I. Z124.2 Standards for Plastic Showers

– I.P.C. International Plumbing Code

– National Plumbing Code of Canada

– U.P.C. Uniform Plumbing Code

– A.N.S.I. Compliant Showers

– CSA Standards

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More Sizes also Available:

To view our complete line of accessible, ADA and easy step showers and pans, Visit FreedomShowers

Complete your Freedom Shower with accessories. See ADA and Accessible Shower Accessories

Freedom Showers have reinforced walls and have a 30-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. (Accessories are subject to the particular manufacturer’s warranty.)

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