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Accessible showers have no curb and are easier to get in and out of than conventional showers or bathtubs. People with mobility challenges can walk in directly or transfer into a barrier free shower or alternatively a wheelchair user can roll into a handicapped accessible shower stall.

An accessible roll in shower stall with the shower floor at the same level with the bathroom floor allows both individuals with a physical disabilities as well as people of all abilities to enjoy safe and comfortable bathrooms without sacrificing style.

A residential Accessible Shower is Safe and Comfortable for People of All Abilities.

Accessible Showers are used primarily for residential projects, see ADA showers for commercial projects.

Showers have a slip resistant textured floor adding to user safety. Most models also have a pre-levelled and reinforced shower base, saving installation time and eliminating future problems.

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Many styles, sizes, colors and accessories are available.

The Accessibility Professionals team has assisted many people to transform their bathrooms making them easier to use.

Accessible Showers are displayed in 4 categories.

(other sizes are available, please call if you do not see the size you need).

1) 60″ Residential Roll In Showers

When remodeling a bathroom, a multi-piece shower stall is easily carried through the doorways and halls into the bathroom. Often larger shower models are designed as multi-piece units for shipping and installation convenience.

One-piece shower enclosures are ideal for a new home consdivuction or a bathroom addition.

Accessible Showers have the same accessibility features as commercial ADA Showers, as both are designed to be accessible for disabled individuals. Accessible Shower stalls are designed to fit residential framing pockets, such as replacing a 5′ tub/shower found in North American homes.

60″ Residential Roll In Showers offer you a wide opening to bring a wheelchair into the shower stall. Individuals can divansfer directly from the wheelchair to a fold down shower bench. Alternatively, a rolling shower chair can be rolled over the barrier free shower threshold.

ADA showers also provide an option to be installed in a residential bathroom, see ADA models at ADA showers.

Accessible Roll In Showers are available from $825 (one-piece models), not including shipping, accessories and installation.


60″ Residential Roll In Showers

2) 54″ and 60″ Bathtub Replacement Showers with End Drains

Accessible Bathtub Replacement Showers are designed to replace standard bathtubs and feature either a right or left drain. This allows you to preserve the same drain location as your bathtub, reducing your plumbing requirements.

Bathtub replacement showers are ideal for remodeling as they utilize a multi-piece design for easy installation.

Barrier free roll in showers fit nicely into standard bathrooms. Similiar to the 60″ Accessible Roll in Shower the majority of the 60″ Accessible Bathtub Replacement Shower models are designed to utilize the bathroom framing around 5 foot tubs.

A 54″ model is also available, this unit is often installed in residences with space restrictions such as mobile homes.

Accessible Bathtub Replacement Shower models are available from $1,449.

Price does not include shipping, accessories and installation.

54″ and 60″ Accessible Bathtub Replacement Roll in Showers

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3) 48″ and 50″ Accessible Showers

48″ and 50″ residential showers are designed to provide a solution for smaller showers. For the most part, these models are larger than ADA transfer showers (which are required to have a 36″ x 36″ inside dimension.)

Similiarily to an ADA transfer Shower in most cases a wheelchair will be rolled to the entrance of the shower and the individual will transfer onto a shower chair.

48″ handicap accessible showers are available in both multi-piece for remodels and 1-piece shower stalls for new construction.

ADA transfer and Roll in Showers can also be installed in a residential bathroom, ADA models are available at ADA showers.

Price does not include shipping, accessories and installation.

48″ and 54″ Accessible Showers

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4) Accessible Corner Shower

Accessible Corner Showers are designed to provide an easy access shower solution for corner spaces.

The corner shower unit is available as multi-piece models, and includes an accessible shower base and two walls.

Our 61″ x 61″ corner shower offers a generous space for independent or assisted bathing..

Accessible bathrooms offer you and your family a safer, easier and more comfortable bathing experience.

An Accessible Shower is Safe and Comfortable for People of All Abilities.

Increase your Freedom and Independence in Bathing.

Accessible Corner Shower

Only the most popular shower sizes are shown, many more are available.

To add accessories to your Accessible Shower see

ADA and Accessible Shower Accessories

Call Accessibility Professionals for Personal Assistance
to transform Your Bathroom!

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Accessible Showers come with a manufacturer’s 3 year limited warranty (5 year for Acrylic Showers), on shower shell defects.

Accessories are subject to the particular manufacturer’s warranty.

Accessible Showers are designed in compliance with the following codes and standards:

– A.N.S.I. Compliant Showers

– A.N.S.I. Z124.2 Standards for Plastic Showers

– I.P.C. International Plumbing Code

– U.P.C. Uniform Plumbing Code

– CSA Standards

– Certificate of Listing (IAPMO) available for most models

– National Plumbing Code of Canada

Commercial Styles Also Available:

ADA Roll In Showers (minimum 60″ x 30″ inside dimension)ada handicapped accessible shower
ADA transfer Showers (minimum 36 ” x 36″ inside dimension)ada transfer shower

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