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ADA and Accessible Shower stalls are designed so that once installed they are ‘curbless’ or have a maximum 1/2″ change of level. A wheelchair accessible shower stall allows someone in a wheelchair and people of all abilities to enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing experience. ADA Showers are compliant for use in commercial projects and public buildings in the USA. Accessible Showers for designed for residential projects and private homes. ADA shower models can also be used for residential projects if the size is better suited. The 1-piece shower models are used for new construction projects. Multi-piece showers are designed for remodelling projects, so you can get them into the space in pieces. A variety of Shower by size available.

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ADA and Accessible Showers are designed in compliance with the following codes and standards: – A.N.S.I. Z124.2 Standards for Plastic Showers – I.P.C. International Plumbing Code – U.P.C. Uniform Plumbing Code – Certificate of Listing (IAPMO) available for most models – C.S.A. Standards and National Plumbing Code of Canada In addition, ADA Showers are also designed in compliance with the following: – A.D.A. Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities – A.N.S.I. A117.1 Accessible and Useable Buildings and Facilities

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The Accessibility Professionals team has assisted many people to transform their bathrooms making them easier and safer to use for anyone. If you are starting a new construction or renovation project, contact us to discuss possible solutions to accessibility and code compliance if necessary. Remodeling for aging in place or for wheelchair accessibility, can be problematic in a home that wasn’t originally built for universal design. Planning for all stages of life, or for any person who might be using the space takes creative problem solving and innovative products to adapt your living space. Wheelchair accessible bathroom design takes planning and often more space than you think. It’s important to consider turning radius, and clear space in front of the shower as well to make sure someone had all the room they need to hopefully be as independent as possible. Not sure if you’ve selected the correct shower for your project. Call us and we can help you determine the best solution. There may be showers not listed on this page that might work better, or perhaps, you would prefer to custom tile the walls of the shower to a high end look. Most shower sizes have a corresponding shower pan, which would give you the choice to tile the walls as you like.

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For Commercial projects in USA, ADA showers must:

  • Be either a:
    Transfer Shower with an inside dimension of 36” x 36”
    Roll in Shower with 60” x minimum 30” inside dimension
  • Have a maximum threshold height of ½” above the finished floor.
  • Be equipped with certain accessories.
  • Also comply with local/regional requirements.

ADA Compliant shower requirements for Commercial use

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